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Best New Vegan Restaurants in Dublin - 2019 Guide

by Sean Forester

Ok here we go…it’s been 3 years since we lived permanently in Dublin, and unfortunately for us and fortunately for all you Dublin based vegans the vegan food scene in the Big Smoke has changed a lot. Enough so, that we have been forced to make the journey down to the capital for a weekend of vegany food debauchery. The only thing more damaged than my wallet is my waistline. 


Here is our quick 2019 guide to the best new vegan restaurants in Dublin. We have left out a lot of our favorite Dublin based spots (not naming any names) as this is a guide to the newest places to go. So sit back, have the Deliveroo website at the ready, and enjoy.



One of the newest vegan restaurants on the Dublin vegan scene is Take A Veg. Originally based in Barcelona, they have brought their range of sweet treats and mouth-watering specials to the captial.

The menu changes regularly, which keeps you coming back so be sure to check them out often. Have a look at some of our favorites.


(Source: Instagram @takeaveg) Vegan Luther Burger.

This thing of beauty is no longer on the menu but gives you an idea of the kind of heart-stopping madness that is on offer…it’s called 'The Luther'. A tummy rumbling bacon cheeseburger sandwiched perfectly between two sugar-coated donuts. I don't think we need to say any more than that.

As we said it’s no longer on the menu and we like to think of it as being up in vegan heaven. Hopefully, it will be back on the menu soon for you to try but don't worry there is plenty of other deliciousness on the menu.  


 (Source: Instagram @takeaveg) Vegan Longs Johns.


Let's be honest: cake is life. So if you're like me after dinner you might be in the mood for something sweet, or you can do what I do skip the main course entirely, head straight for the dessert tray, eat quite frankly too much cake for a human of my size. Believe me, Take A Veg have got you covered and this is where they really stand out for us. How about longjohns filled with whipped cream and raspberry jam (above) or one of their amazing vegan donuts (below).


 (Source: Instagram @takeaveg) Vegan Nutella Donuts.



So you had a few too many last night or you just feel like a proper vegan takeaway then look no further than the next stop on our list.

Vish.Shop is Dublin's first dedicated vegan chipper (takeaway). Having started with a food truck at the popular Eatyard market ( you may have seen Forester there on occasion), they now have a permanent location on Blessington Street.

They only use ethically sourced produce and all their packaging is green and biodegradable.  Their menu includes everything from their original style 'Vish' with triple cooked chips to their own carrot dog, and all at seriously reasonable prices.

We personally recommended the vegan wings.....

Vish.Shop Dublin - Best Vegan Restaurants Dublin

 (Source: Instagram The Vish and Chips.

 Our personal favorite is the cauliflower wings with Jameson Whiskey BBQ sauce, dill pickle aioli, pineapple salsa, and triple cooked chips....I mean.....


Vish.Shop Dublin's Best Vegan Restaurants - 2019 Guide

  (Source: Instagram The BBQ Cauliflower Wings.



One of the newest additions to our vegan favourites is Token (we've been here the last 3 times we were in Dublin). It's not entirely vegan but it offers some of the best vegan junk food we've ever tried. 

This cool arcade /bar/restaurant is probably too cool for someone like me to be in but I can still try. Bring your friends, have a couple of drinks, play some games and when you’re done chow down on some of the tastiest vegan comfort foods in the city. They do delicious tacos, dogs, burgers and also often have vegan specials on the menu. Our special recommendation for this place is the  “Vegan Chick” burger with the Vegan Spice bag on the side.

Interestingly the spice bag actually started as a special but because it was too delicious not to give to all us hungry vegans all year round it has found a permanent place on the menu over the other meatier specials. And you can take it from us…its's AMAZING.

Token Best Vegan Restaurants Dublin 2019 Guide Spice Bag

   (Source: Instagram @tokendublin) Vegan Spice Bag.


Their vegan spice bag (above) and their new special of vegan BBQ tacos made with charred Oyster Mushrooms tossed in Chipotle Mesquite Sauce, Avocado, Homemade Jalapeño Salsa Verde, Pico, Pickled Red Chilli, sprinkled with Nacho Pure Flake. 

Token Best Vegan Restaurants Dublin 2019 Guide

  (Source: Instagram @tokendublin) Vegan BBQ Tacos.

Finally, this one is something really special. this wasn't on the menu when we went but if cake is life, cheese is everything else. So this new vegan cheese board is the answer to all your cheesy needs (below). 

Toke Dublin's Best Vegan Restaurants 2019 Guide - Vegan Cheeseboard

  (Source: Instagram @tokendublin) Vegan Cheeseboard.



100% vegan and organic health food cafe. Offering dishes like falafel sandwiches, pancakes, soups and sugar-free desserts. if you've got a craving for a full fry with all the plant-based benefits, then get down to Electric Vegan for their vegan fry (below).

Electric Vegan Best Vegan Restaurants Dublin Vegan Fry

  (Source: Instagram @the_electric_vegan_dublin) Vegan Cheeseboard.


V-FACE (Formaly Vurger Face)

Ok so I feel like I've been on a one person mission to taste test every vegan burger in Ireland over the past two years, but this place deserves a special mention. V-face is on their own mission to deliver high-quality, Irish-sourced, plant-based food and their burgers are works of art. They also serve the perfect sides to any burger, mac‘n'cheese and ‘skin-on fries’ (all plant-based). Just take a look at these and tell us we're wrong.


Vurger Face Best Vegan Restaurants Dublin 2019 Guide - Vegan Burger

  (Source: Instagram Vegan Classic John Burger.

We were drooling as much as the melting cheese over the burger before going here and it didn't disappoint. With a beetroot patty topped with vegan cheddar, tomato, gherkin, lettuce, ketchup and mayo the burger above is a classic combination and exactly how a burger should be. Next time we're there we wanna try the Vegan Magic Mushie Burger - battered portobello mushroom, topped with vegan gouda cheese, spinach, and garlic mayo, all on a matcha bun. Yum.


Vurger Face Best Vegan Restaurants in Dublin 2019 Guide Vegan Burger

  (Source: Instagram Vegan Magic Mushie Burger.



Last but definitely now least is something a little different. If you’re feeling like a treat or fancy taking someone special out for a bit of food and fizz there is nowhere better than the vegan afternoon tea at Póg.

This is something we have not had a chance to try but Lovin Dublin recently gave this dish 10/10 in thei Veganuary special and we can see why. As you have probably already gathered I am a sucker for anything that remotely resembles a cake and who doesn't like little tiny sandwiches to go along with it. 


PÓG Best Vegan Restaurants Dublin 2019 Guide Vegan Afternoon Tea

  (Source: Instagram @pog_dublin) Vegan Afternoon Tea.

 So that's our roundup - did we miss anything? Hit us up and we'll be sure to try them next time we're down south. 


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