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FORESTER - New Year, New Look, Same Brand

by Lana McGhee

The New Year is the perfect time for reflection and making plans, and we took some time to do exactly that over the festive period.

The first six months of Forester Products have been incredible! Not without their challenges we’re so happy with the brand and the response we’ve had from all our amazing customers and followers.

We’ve decided to simplify things with a slightly new look – we’ve got a brand-new logo and we’re pretty in love with it.

New Forester Vegan Logo


From our name to the material we use and the charity we support, Forester is all about trees. We wanted this relationship to be reflected in our brand. Our hand-drawn logo marries the Forester F with a tree, truly representing our brand and ethos.



Forester Vegan Fashion - Vegan Leather New Logo  

Another decision we have made is to be simply known as FORESTER. We think this name highlights what we do and what we stand for. Forester is our surname and the definition is ‘a person in charge of a forest or skilled in planting, managing, or caring for trees’. As a vegan fashion brand, we think Forester speaks for itself. 


Forester Fashion Vegan Leather - New Logo 2019


Don’t worry – we’re not making any drastic changes - you’ll still be able to find us but you’ll notice a slight change in the look of our social media and packaging over the next few months, 

The final piece is our range – we can’t quite reveal what’s coming next but we have new products and designs in production – we have so many plans in the pipeline and can’t wait to share them all with you! 




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