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Forester People: Charlie Joe Doherty

by Lana McGhee

It takes a village to make FORESTER happen. We work so many amazing creatives each with their own unique perspectives and skill-sets. 

Our Forester People series is an opportunity for us to shine a light on all those talented individuals who make it all possible. 

Charlie Joe Doherty is one of our photography collaborators. Charlie's skills lie in revealing his subjects' souls through his stunning conceptional photography and videography. He has an effortless ability to draw life and beauty from people, places, and products.

Read his story below.  


What do you do?

I am a visual artist and a musician. I love working in varying analog formats and creating conceptional imagery through portraiture. I also make videos from music videos to documentary pieces to loads other projects in-between.


Charlie Joe Doherty Photography - Forester People interview with Forester

What does sustainability mean to you?


I feel it is so important and our duty to this earth to be independently aware of the impact we have and the things we can do to help make a difference, be it in our day to day footprint to dietary choices to wastage. No matter how small, we can make a difference through our lifestyle choices, in order to help protect our natural world and preserve its resources. Things, like cutting meat out of our diet or even reducing it through a flexitarian diet, can help tackle the inhumane cruelties of the meat and dairy industries. I always try and buy organically as I feel this is a much better way of consuming products especially in our day to day usage and the health benefits it provides. And unnecessary wastage from over packaging and plastics is something we should always be aware when thinking about a sustainable world.

Working with the brilliant people at FORESTER was a real privilege. Their values and quality of products was something I was completely taken aback by and I feel like when thinking of our fashion choices like vegan leather and choosing to think of our trends in ethical means people like Foresters are really inspirational in helping make a change! And their weekender bags are amazing too! 


What inspires your work?

I am really drawn to a feeling of dissonance, the search in capturing revealing sides of our soul. It's an inner beauty in others that I am drawn too and more often feels quite melancholic. I'm inspired by those moving moments that are captured in my home, Donegal, the space in-between of this beautiful county, in my small fragments, all enveloped in nature.

I'm moved by nature in my day to day and that keeps me inspired to keep wanting to fulfill this desire to create! I have a deep love for film and music and my ambition in life is to mold these two forms to create challenging and beautiful art. 

Charlie Joe Doherty Interview - Forester People Interview with FORESTER

What’s your ambition?

My ambition at this moment in time is really to be involved in as many creative ventures as possible. I am always challenged by the various narratives I want to portray so that is something I am striving for in my work. It is a feeling of finding flow in my day to day. I love collaborating with other people like Forester and getting a sense of their worlds and merging ideas and creativity together .. I also do some work in darkroom photography and have starting black & white printing so I look forward to exploring that more and growing as a person ultimately.

Charlie Joe Doherty Photography - Forester People Interview with FORESTER

You can see more of Charlie's incredible work on his Instagram page and get in touch with him at


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