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Vegan Hacks: Alternative gift ideas for a sustainable Christmas

by Lana McGhee

Green is the new black this year; 2018 appears to be the year that the world has finally woken up to the environmental impact of what we eat, buy and do. 

We're sure this new-found knowledge will play a huge role on Christmas lists this year, with a growing concern over animal cruelty and environmental impacts (bye-bye single-use plastics).  

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, especially in a world of over such consumption. We all have too much stuff, we only want our customers to buy our vegan leather products if someone needs them.  

If stuff isn't you're thing, why not think outside of the box with some alternative gift-giving this year.


Classes & Lessons

January is the perfect time to start a new past-time and by giving them a taste of something new and their New Year’s Resolutions might just come true this year.

Whether they’re into cooking, languages, yoga or art, kick-start their new year with a new hobby.

App Subscriptions

A good app can be lifechanging; with entertainment apps like Spotify or Netflix give you are basically giving them a whole library of music, shows, and movies at their fingertips.

If they are interested in health and wellbeing we highly recommend a meditation app like HeadSpace, but there are loads out there so do have a browse to see what would work best for them.

Audio Books

Reading has a myriad of benefits including expansive vocabulary, increased empathy and stress release. Let them get lost in words in 2019 with the gift of litreture. 

An Adventure

Plan a trip, whether it’s big or small and make memories together. From a Segway tour to a weekend in Vegas, there will be an option to meet every budget and it's something they'll always remember.

Event Tickets

This is a personal favourite of mine as I love going to music festivals, but it could be tickets to a football match, comedy show or the theatre.

It gives them something to look forward to and bonus points if the show is already sold out.

Challenge Them

How many years have they been saying they’d love to do a marathon, sky-dive or an Iron Man? Challenge gifts are a great way to give them a push to do something on their bucket-list and could improve their mental health.

Donate to a Charity 

A very simple, but a very effective one. Most charities accept donations in this way so find out their favourite and get donating. 

Upcycle It

Not technically intangible but you are using something they already own as opposed to adding to more stuff. It could be as simple as fixing a tear in their favourite coat or taking a broken chain to the jewellers.  

Last year a friend took all my concert posters and framed them for me - it was such a nice surprise and something I get to see every day! Much more thoughtful than a standard gift.

Whatever you chose to give this year, give green. 

The Forester Products Team 

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