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Vegan Hacks: How to keep it sustainable at music festivals

by Sean Forester
As August draws to a close, this weekend can mean only one thing if you’re Irish - Electric Picnic is nearly upon us. This weekend unofficially closes the summer for both the young and old attendees of what is one of the most magical festivals in town.

Equal parts music and arts, you could spend the whole weekend getting lost in the nooks and crannies without seeing a single band and still leave the festival smiling from ear to ear. 

Festivals can be beautiful, magical experiences, but what’s left behind is rarely so glorious. They can have huge negative impacts on the environment; between empty cans, single-use plastic cups and discarded tents, Monday mornings are an entirely different story.

If you’re one of the lucky ones off to Stradbally tomorrow (or any other festival for that matter!) we’ve put together some of our top tips to keep you and the planet feeling good this weekend.

Thoughtful Travel

Travel to and from festivals accounts for a shocking 80% of all carbon emissions generated over the weekend. Taking public transport can help reduce this dramatically, will save you cash and a rough drive home on Monday morning. If you insist on taking your car, always try and carpool with others.

Sustainable Style

We all want to look our best at music festivals but that doesn’t mean we need to look to fast-fashion to do it. One of the best things I ever did was invest in a pair of good wellies for festivals and there are lots of vegan options out there. If you prefer something more classic, the Doc Martens vegan collection is always growing. Once you have your go-to festival footwear you’ll never look back.
When it comes to clothing charity shops are your best friend. You’ll be able to pick up something really unique at a fraction of the price while donating to charity. If you don’t need it after the weekend, then you can donate it back – win-win! 

Festival girls

Backpacks can be a lifesaver at festivals when you’re setting off for the day and want to be hands-free.  Should I bring my raincoat? Should I bring some snacks? Why does this vintage rhinestone encrusted bodysuit (purchased in the aforementioned charity shop haul) have no pockets?

A backpack can solve all of those questions. Check out our range of vegan leather ones here

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

KeepCups, reusable water-bottles, and lunchboxes are part of our daily lives now, so this should be no different at festivals - in fact, they can make the experience even easier.

When you’re at the bar or food stalls make sure you bring your own utensils or cups – you might even get a discount. You can find everything you need over here. If you can’t bring your own with you, try and keep an eye out for stalls with eco-friendly cutlery, paper-straws or reusable cups. 

If all else fails, make sure you recycle any plastics you do use over the weekend. Make yourself familiar with your nearest water point and stay hydrated for free. 

Be Eco & Extra

Everyone loves glitter, but do you know what we don’t love – single-use plastic. Unfortunately, that’s what most modern glitter is made from. So sprinkling glitter on you and everything around you is essentially littering.
But fear not, because eco glitter has arrived! Check out Eco Glitter Fun for loads of pigments, beard and braid kits and guilt-free sparkles.  

Take Your Tent Home!

This is the big one – over 30% of all waste comes from what is left in the campsites. One of the biggest myths is that discarded tents are all just magically recycled. It’s not the case. If you don’t want to bring it home, take your tent, chairs, food to the correct recycling points. If you want your tent to be donated, you’re going to have to take it home and bring it to a charity shop. You managed to bring it with you, so why not bring it home?

Tents Music Festival

For more info on Staying Green at Electic Picnic click here.


Drink well, eat well, see all the bands, look after yourselves and your friends and have an amazing weekend!

The Forester Products Team 

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