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Forester Products: Our Vegan Leather watches are finally here!

in Future Fabrics, Vegan Leather
by Sean Forester

We are so excited to finally share our new collection with you all! This concept has been a long time in the making but we’re so happy it’s finally time to release.

Our vegan watch range is really special to us as this was the idea that started Forester Products over a year ago. It all started when Sean tried to replace his own watch with a cool vegan alternative and couldn’t find something that met his style and his new vegan-lifestyle. So, like most entrepreneurs, we decided to do it ourselves!

We soon realised that it wasn't just watching that were lacking in chouce. The cruelty-free options for other classic leather items were also very limited and so The House of Vegan Leather was born!

In some ways, the watches are like our first baby, they just happened to take a little longer to arrive than the other products.

Our vision was clear: we wanted to create a range that was cool, sustainable and modern. It was a very long journey as watches are such incredibly intricate products, with so many moving bits and pieces.

We started working on the watch range while we were still living in Montreal last year. There were a lot of late nights and early mornings spent with just a pen, paper and a ruler trying to make our vision a reality.


We knew they had to be absolutely perfect, so we spent a lot of time designing them and researching different vegan and cruelty-free materials.

We decided to go three all-black faces for the first collection. Black is versatile and timeless, so we thought it was a cool way to start. Each version comes with different accents; matte black, gold or grey, giving each one its own personality.

For the straps, we decided to attend the Future Fabrics Expo in London in January 2017 for some inspiration. 

This amazing event organised by The Sustainable Angle, showcases the most innovative and sustainable textiles, fabrics and materials from around the globe.

It is an absolute haven for sustainably-minded designers, with so many incredible materials to explore.  For us though there was one material that really stood out -Ultraleather®

We adored its cool, modern look, which matched our watch face designs. Created by Ultrafrabics, Ultraleather® comes in lots of interesting textures and in the end we decided to go with the Fusion option, which has a smooth, matte texture.

Some of the other key benefits of Ultraleather® is that it is naturally cruelty-free, PVC free, contains no POPs, meets stringent chemical emissions limits and is Greenguard certified.


Forester Products vegan leather watch straps

It was important to us that the range that could be mixed and matched, giving our customers complete control over their style.

Ultraleather’s amazing colour pallet allowed us to achieve this. We chose seven unique colours, meaning you can change your style everyday if you want!


The first drop is sold out, but will be back very, very soon!

The Forester Products Team 

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