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Simple, sustainable packaging.

in Sustainability, Sustainable Packagin, Vegan, Vegan Leather
by Lana McGhee

When we came up with Forester Products, we wanted to create better options for ethically-minded shoppers by minimizing the negative environmental impact of fast fashion. We carefully selected our materials which are plant-based and sustainable to create a range of vegan leather accessories which are kind to the planet and all its inhabitants. So when it came to our packaging we knew we had to think outside the box.

Our goal was to use little or no plastic in our packaging and focus on recycled, organic and plant-based materials instead. We wanted it to look cool and have a natural, minimalist feel.

Our partners are innovative leaders in the sustainable packaging industry. Each one specialises in different areas and when we tied them all together, came up with a selection of beautiful, sustainable packaging which meets our brand ethos.

Forester Products vegan belt packaging by the Tiny Box Company

For our vegan leather wallets and belts, we worked with the Tiny Box Company to create custom reusable gift boxes. Located in the UK, The Tiny Box Company are a really cool company who use recycling throughout their business. Excess stock is donated directly to local charity shops and any damaged or test boxes are given to schools to be used in arts and crafts projects, eliminating as much waste as possible. They believe that ‘luxury and beauty need not be compromised when making ethical packaging choices’. They have an amazing range of recycled boxes and bags for every occasion. We hot foil printed our logo onto their recycled gift boxes, giving them a modern feel. We chose the natural kraft and white gloss boxes to add variety to our packaging and the results were stunning. The secure shapes make them ideal for storing keepsakes like concert tickets and old photos and other momentos.

Forester Product vegan wallet packaging by the Tiny Box Company

We know that a lot of our wallets are bought as gifts, so we wanted to make their packaging extra special. We sourced some beautiful organic cotton bags from a Dublin-based company EcoLand. They were one of the first companies to introduce recycled paper to the Irish market back in 1988. We printed our logo on the mini drawstring bags with a natural finish, keeping the design simple and beautiful. They fit perfectly inside our custom gift boxes from the Tiny Box Company and are perfect for keeping jewellery or other small bits and bobs.

Forester Products vegan leather wallet packaging by the Tiny Box Company

For our vegan leather bags, it's important that they arrive in perfect condition. They come packaged in an extra-large unbleached cotton drawstring bag again from EcoLand. We loved that our packaging could be reused and they are perfect for grocery shopping, hitting the gym or laundry bags. Industry norms are to fill bags with pesky void fill to ensure they keep their shape. We knew we had to find a filler with minimal environmental impact. We came across a fantastic sustainable and recyclable air pillow film by Action Point called SweetAir. These renewable air pillows are 94% bioplastic made from renewable plant products and are actually more sustainable than paper void fills. They are 100% recyclable and contain zero harmful additives.

Forester Products unbleached cotton bag packaging by EcoLand

Through the use of recyclable, plant-based and organic materials, we've kept our packaging as sustainable as possible. Whether the boxes are used for storage or the cotton bags for shopping or keeping smaller items, we hope that our customers will find new uses for our packaging. 

We couldn't be happier with how our packaging turned out! We are proud to partner with these pioneering packaging companies and can’t wait to see their next innovation in sustainable packaging.



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