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Forester People: Shane Gallagher

by Sean Forester

Forester People

One of the biggest lessons we've learned since launching Forester Products is that you can't do everything alone.

From our friends and families to people we've met at events and on Instagram one this is for sure - it takes a village. 

In the past 12 months, we've developed a wonderful network of gifted individuals each with their own unique perspectives and skill-sets. 

Our Forester People series is an opportunity for us to shine a light on all those amazing creatives who have made it all possible. 


Shane Gallagher is one of our photography collaborators based in Donegal. 

Shane is a live music enthusiast with an eye for conceptual photography and a passion for slow-fashion. 

Read his story below.  


What do you do?

I am a wedding, lifestyle and creative portrait photographer, specialising in conceptual self-portraits.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability, waste reduction and doing my part to protect the environment are values that were instilled in me from a young age, both in school and at home. In recent years my eyes have been opened to the importance of constantly striving to be more conscious on a daily basis of the sometimes just small changes we can make to protect our natural world. For me, this has meant reducing my reliance on single-use plastics, avoiding buying products with excessive packaging, dramatically reducing my reliance on animal products and natural resources, and buying clothes from smaller, ethical retailers rather than buying high street fast fashion.

I personally see this as a learning curve and know myself that I have a ways to go, but just small changes in habits are positive steps in the right direction. The bottom line for me is becoming more and more aware of how my actions positively impact my carbon, water and waste footprints. 

Shane Gallagher Photography - Forester Products Vegan Leather Bag


What inspires your work?

Two things inspire my work above anything else: music and nature. Not only does music motivate me to create, but I constantly draw themes and moods from captivating songs; a single lyric can often spark a fully formed concept, an album can produce an entire photo series. I find music as visual as it is audible.

Nature has always played a role in my work somehow. Growing up in Donegal, we are blessed with a wealth of natural beauty; bleak bogland, rugged seashores, rolling hills of woodland and vast, still lakes.

Many of what I feel are my best images have come from setting out with no expectations, walking through a forest, headphones in with my favourite artists playing, and seeing what happens. 

Shane Gallagher Photography for Forester Products

What’s your ambition?

I want to produce more and more work - art that really stirs thought, that creates conversation, that is emotive in some way or that inspires others. 

Collaborating with musicians to bring their work to life in visual form for album artwork is something I really want to get to do. I would also love the opportunity to explore the world of music video production and brand concept development.

You can see more of Shane's work on his website or on his stunning Instagram account.

To book Shane get in touch via email or on +353-86-845-5081  


Shane Gallagher Photography - Forester Products Vegan Leather Bag





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