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The Vegan Insiders: Exceedingly Vegan

by Sean Forester

Building a vegan business has been an incredibly inspirational and insightful process. Over the past couple of years, we have met a myriad of vegan trailblazers in the food, fashion and lifestyle industries.

These people and their stories have inspired us during the creation of our vegan leather accessories range and led us to where we are today. We decided that we wanted to share the stories of some of the amazing vegan figures we’ve encountered along the way.

Our ‘Vegan Insider’ series will introduce you to some the most interesting changemakers in the vegan world. 

First up, we caught up with Philipp Ertl of the Exceedingly Vegan blog, whose journey into veganism started with a health kick which led him into the world of vegan cooking and lifestyle blogging.

We caught up with Philipp to find out how he turned his vegan lifestyle and passion for cooking and design into one of the top vegan blogs in the UK with a following of over 130,000 across his social channels. 


What inspired you to start a vegan blog?


I kinda fell into it. I stopped smoking, didn't want to poison anymore and decided to do a detox. Then I researched the healthiest foods on the planet and more or less stumbled upon a vegan diet. So, it was for health reasons first and then I found out about the impact food has on our planet and animals and realised that a plant-based diet has so many benefits that I couldn't go back to eating animal products anymore.

What has been the most amazing result of becoming vegan for you personally?


The thing that surprised me the most was that I haven't had a cold or flu in over 5 years! Normally I would get sick at least once every, one and a half years. I feel my immune system is much stronger now.

What is your favourite vegan dish & restaurant?


I love my vegan pizza with home-made cashew cheese. I don't really have a favourite restaurant at moment, there are so many new ones opening and new vegan options coming out, I don't even know where to go and what to try first! 

Do you have any favourite vegan fashion brands or cruelty-free beauty products?


I quite like shopping around, but I do love the Muroexe trainers. 

What do you think of the move towards vegan leather and do you own any vegan leather products?


I find it amazing! Even Hugo Boss has vegan leather shoes now and many other brands are following. I do have a few shoes from vegan leather. 

Apart from your current projects are there any other vegan-related businesses or projects you would love to start?


I have started another one already but I can't talk about it just yet. 

As a blogger what are your top three tips for someone out there who is thinking about starting a vegan blog, or vegan related business?


Be open and try something new. Take your time, you don't have to be perfect from the first day, go at your own pace. Have fun! Food is there to be enjoyed. 

Where can people follow you and find out what you are up to?


On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and of course my blog.  

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