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The Vegan Insiders: Vegan Country Boy

in Vegan, vegan blogging, Vegan cooking
by Sean Forester

Shane AKA Vegan Country Boy is this week's Vegan Insider. Shane is fast becoming the cool kid of veganism in Ireland. He shared some of his aspirations and words to live by. Our personal favourite? "The more vegan cake you bake the more Vegan cake you get to eat!".


What inspired you to start a vegan blog?


When I started studying TV & Media studies I developed a massive interest in documentaries. One day I stumbled across Cowspiracy which lead me onto Forks over Knives and then onto the BIG one Earthlings.

I became a little obsessed with educating myself on the food industry and I wanted to document my vegan journey through Instagram and in turn hopefully inspire others to become vegan.

What has been the most amazing result of becoming vegan for you personally?


There are obvious benefits to being Vegan.. I feel 100% healthier physically and mentally, I have more energy and my love for animals has grown immensely.

The most amazing thing for me is the connection I feel to the Vegan community as we all come together for the same cause. 

What is your favourite vegan dish & restaurant?


I love a tofu stir fry.. or actually anything that involves tofu.. or seitan.. or tempeh. I guess I'm just a big foodie all round. Right now, I'm loving The Candied Hazelnut a little plant-based restaurant in Waterford. But I dream about returning to Mooshies a vegan burger bar in Shoreditch in London. 

Do you have any favourite vegan fashion brands or cruelty-free beauty products?


I don't think I have any favourite brands at the moment but I shop around and make sure everything that I buy is Vegan.  

What do you think of the move towards vegan leather and do you own any vegan leather products?


I think it’s great. If you can have an alternative, which causes no suffering or pain to another living being and it looks just as good why not choose that option.

At the moment, I don't own any vegan leather products but they are certainly on the Christmas list!  

Apart from your current projects are there any other vegan-related businesses or projects you would love to start?


There are plans in the works to have a Vegan YouTube cooking series and hopefully in the future a Vegan cafe or restaurant.

As a blogger what are your top three tips for someone out there who is thinking about starting a vegan blog, or vegan related business?


1. Be Yourself, that's what people will relate to most. 2. Rome wasn't built in a day so take your time and most importantly enjoy it. 3. My Pro tip.. the more Vegan Cake you bake the more Vegan cake you get to eat! 

Where can people follow you and find out what you are up to?


On Instagram @vegancountryboy and coming soon to YouTube.

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