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Vegan Insider - Flawless and Pawless

by Lana McGhee


This week's Vegan Insider is Ailsha Davey AKA Flawless and Pawless. In less than a year Ailsha has become Ireland's go to vegan beauty queen. Her cruelty-free beauty blog is packed full of vegan beauty shopping guides, product reviews and cruelty-free lists.

Ailsha spills the beans on her favourite places to eat, shop and the vegan beauty products everyone should have in their bathroom. 


When did you realise you wanted becoming vegan, and what inspired you to start Flawless and Pawless?


I always had a love for animals, and when I began to discover the horrors of animal testing, I wanted to do something about it. While there were global cruelty-free list sites like Logical Harmony already existing, there was no website that covered all of the cruelty-free brands available in Ireland at the time that I started Flawless and Pawless- it was mainly the US and the UK that were covered. So I decided to set up my blog to provide extensive lists of all the cruelty-free brands available in Ireland, as well as all of the 100% vegan brands as well.

What has been the most amazing result of becoming vegan for you personally?


I think that people underestimate the difference that small changes can make. I am in no way a perfect vegan, but I know that the small changes I make and continuously make and learn from actually do make a difference. I think that it's important not to feel pressured by anyone when going vegan, but to know and realise in yourself that it's the right decision for you- because ultimately, that's what will make new habits long-term.

Flawless and Pawless Vegan Insiders Interview with Forester Products

What is your favourite vegan dish & restaurant?


I love avocado sushi- can't go wrong with that! I don't have a favourite restaurant that is solely vegan - I love exploring the vegan dishes in ordinary restaurants that offer them. The vegan menu at McGuinness' Takeaway on Camden Street is a staple favourite of mine when I'm in the city, as I always know the food will be amazing quality - and affordable!


Do you have any favourite vegan fashion brands or beauty products brands?


Regarding vegan fashion, I purchase my clothes from charity shops as I believe it to be a sustainable way to recycle clothes that perhaps were not the best for the environment. I avoid leather and purchase faux products in ordinary department stores. My favourite vegan beauty brands would be La Canopée for skincare and NOTE Cosmetics for makeup.

What do you think of the move towards vegan leather and do you own any vegan leather products by any other brands?


It is about time that real leather products are going out of fashion- I am relieved! Particularly considering the vile leather trades all over the world that can sometimes even involve domestic animals. I love scoping out vegan leather products in department stores. I am a bit of a rock chick, so I wear a lot of faux leather jeans and boots.

Apart from your current projects are there any other vegan-related businesses or projects you would love to start?


I would eventually love to create my own vegan brand- not necessarily in the cosmetics/fashion region. But it would have to be something that was in line with my work and my vision - I do have a few ideas brewing.

How has your business been changed since the vegan movement has grown in the past few years?


Well, to be honest, I haven't even been doing Flawless and Pawless properly for one year yet! Things really took off in March 2018, and since then, it's been evident that I started my work at the right time. The vegan movement in Ireland really grew in the last year.

What are your top three cruelty-free beauty products that everyone should own?


This is a tough one, as there are so many amazing cruelty-free beauty products out there! But if I had to choose, I would recommend Ría Organics Day Cream, Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow Primer, and Pit Putty.

Where can people follow you and find out what you are up to?

I'm mainly hanging out on Instagram these days! My username is @flawlessandpawless. I hate Twitter and I'm rarely on it , but I usually post on Facebook daily at some point. For lists of all the cruelty-free brands available in Ireland, check out my site,

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